TEAM EXTREME on the path of the 4 base elements Fire, water, air, and earth were the focus between fantasy and reality. Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of the senses and mystery

In the name of Good TEAM EXTREME performs in “AQUARIA” The modern fairy tale “AQUARIA”, which was performed in the event resort SCALARIA, takes place in a mysterious underwater world with bizarre creatures of the sea. Two artists of TEAM EXTREME hold their ground in the fight against evil and Continue Reading

To the season start this year the ZDF Fersehgarten presented the new show “Vertical Orchestra” as a world premiere.

A virtuosic performance with violin, saxophone and drummers inspired the 5000 fans and more than 2 mio. TV attendances. Exciting, awsome and emotionally with 30 kilometes per hour in 40 meters height. At the final of the season Team Extreme presented a new variation of the AEROART show in dizzying Continue Reading

Team Extreme Performance on Air maintains its position due to creativity and stands out against the greater part of its competitors by promoting high standards.

Our unique and sensational shows make us remarkable, and we leave your targeted clientele with unforgettable impressions. Our success is based on our up-to-date and innovative technology which functions reliably even in stadiums and large arenas. We think that the overall trend to reduce everything to the cheapest available option Continue Reading